Spicy. Margarita. Gift.

Sometimes only a gift of alcohol will do. Instead of a bottle of wine, make it personal by pairing a bottle of tequila with a handwritten (or typed) recipe for a spicy margarita. Should you serve this at home, make sure you double up, it's delicious!


Chintz. Is. Modern.

Our Fifth Avenue duplex project is in a word, modern. Quarter-inch reveals to make any architect/design aficionado glance twice (maybe three times) abound. We wanted to create an office for the work-at-home wife that was feminine and cozy, images that often compete with modern. This chintz pattern achieves that perfect balance. 


Hostess. Gifts. Games.


A friend brought me a pair of these games to a small dinner party I hosted last holiday season. She stacked and tied them together with a neon green ribbon. The best part is that we played after dinner! They are my favorite gift I've ever received as a hostess. Shamelessly, I have copied this idea often. To me, it's never about price and always about style. Thanks, Shosh!


Favorite. Magazines. Now.

I first came upon design magazines at my very elegant Grandmother's apartment when I was little. To this day, they are my favorite indulgence, and I look forward to monthly subscription arrivals. I get all of the usual domestic magazines, but these are also on my radar lately. Shameless plug... Interiors published a project of mine in the Oct/Nov issue.


[1] AD France.  [2] design anthology.  {3] MILIEU.  [4} interiors