Et. Tu. Brute.

Brutalist architecture met very mixed reviews when it first appeared in the 1950’s and 60’s. “Aggressive.” “Austere.” “Handsome.” “Harsh.” While I admire the architecture and enjoy spending time, eating in and wandering through the Met Breuer, I don’t want to live in this type of structure. But I would like to live among its accessories. The Paul Evans ice bucket has been on my wish list for years. I found the lamp with the black shade on a recent trip through the 1st Dibs Gallery. While sourcing, I came across the lamp with the white shade from RH, which at a fraction of the price makes it all the more attractive.

Clockwise from top left: RH Lamp,  Vintage Lamp ,  Ice Bucket ,  Met Breuer Museum ,  Abstract Panel ,  Concrete Vases .